Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lag BaOmer

It is well known that Lag BaOmer is my worst holiday of the the year. Tonight is the night that the screaming, teaming hoards of children burn anything and everything. They spend weeks stealing and stowing away any wood and supermarket trolleys that they can find and it all gets burned to night (including the trolleys). It's a disgrace. Tonight we will have screaming kids in the empty lots around our house and we will try sleep between the racket and the firecrackers. Tomorrow the air will be thick with the smoke of one hundred thousand bondfires still smoldering. Almost no one knows where the tradition of Lag BaOmer originated (there is of course no agreement on the true source). Why can't the city just organize a few big fires and let everyone join in? I'm not even going to talk about the huge fires that are threatening to burn down our house.

Tonight also happens to be the girl's High School Prom.  We took her to Herzliya dressed to the nines: in shoes she can't walk in and a dress that's the size of a head band. She looks hot. Now her big dilemma is does she come back to Raanana after the prom to hang with her posse at a bonfire or does she go to the "after party". This is not a decision to take lightly and something she cannot not decide on without having to call at least two dozen of her closest friends.

Hey, don't forget to enjoy the rapture. I just hope that none of the creationist are left behind.

Bwo and I spent the weekend addicted to Angry Birds (check out the browser version at I know we are very late to the party, but its been worth it, destroying pigs is so much fun.

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oliviao said...

All the cool people will be left behind - in the fiery, sulphurous...At least we'll all be together!