Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Board Ice Machine

Two things. Tonight was my last board meeting as chairman of the school board. I complain a lot (what's news) but in truth it has been a learning experience and I come out of it much enriched and perhaps with a little more patience. I am happy that Heckle and Jeckle got to go to this excellent school and am ecstatic that their school days are nearly over. There are some things I won't miss, but in all it has been a good experience. Get involved with your kid's school - it's important.

Secondly our fridge conked out yesterday.  We have been battling with a tripping GFI (you know the blue ground fault trip switch in the electrical closet) for more than a week. The boy has been frantic because each time the house trips, we lose internet. So he implemented a thorough diagnostic investigation using a binary search method over all the circuits in the house.  It turned out (after about 5 days of annoying power outages) to be William the Fridge. We unplugged it and when we tried to plug it back in a few hours later it tripped out the house immediately. Now the ice machine has been acting up recently and making these huge icebergs that could sink the Titanicand and much fewer nice ice cubes: it seems the tripping was connected to this.

Now we needed to find a good fridge repair person. Carmito, the very female squint admin, suggested we try It seems it's a consumer driven web site where people recommend repair people, you know what I mean. So bwo looked up and called a recommended chappie, he came over within two hours, checked it out, pulled out the ice machine, charged us 180NIS and thereby fixed our fridge. Nice. It seems the repair guy has to pay midrag 25NIS of his 180NIS, but they then call up and ask us how the service was and add our feedback to his grade on the site. Nice. He even gave us a tax receipt (no nonsense about us getting a 15% discount if we pay cash, while he makes an extra 50% because he does not pay income tax). What can I say it seems it at least deserves a 83%, I can't give them more because now we don't have any ice.

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