Monday, May 9, 2011

Mel's Chick

Blackwifeo was doing a job for Mel. She was helping him get his eBay store together. He sells Tshirts etc. Anyway, he brought over this mannequin, we call her "Mel's Girl". She has been hanging around for a few months, wearing different clothes from time to time. She stood on the table for a while, then in the corner of the lounge. She spent the last week or two watching my computer screen in the office. She really bothered Azziza though. We never understood what the issue was, till finally one day, Azziza disappeared upstairs and came down with a pair of undies. She demanded that bwo dress Mel's girl. So you have the before and after pictures. It's all about modesty.

1 comment:

oliviao said...

t-shirt looks better with broekies!