Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have an idea for a star up. I know I shouldn't put it out on the interweb as someone could skit the idea, but seeing as there are only 2 or 3 of you who read this I don't suppose it's a big problem.

It's called the be'desk. Basically it's a bed that is also a desk. There is a place to plug in your laptop and a swinging tray thing (like in a hospital) where you can place the laptop and mouse, along with a screen that can be swung back out of the way when not in use. There are also built in slide out drawers for all the paraphernalia (pens, pencils, staplers, scissors and headphones) a trash compactor for wet garbage and a paper shredder (a composter would be greener by I have not yet solved the odor issue). There will of course be multiple sockets for chargers of cell phones etc. Most importantly, there will be a partition that can separate the be'desk user from her poor spouse, so that he can actually get into his side of the bed without having to move bags, books, laptops, clothing and sometimes dishes (all this is completely hypothetical of course and not some sort of personal commentary on my life).

The be'desk is just the thing for that internet savvy power user who favors the horizontal. I even know a world class beta tester.


Jozie said...
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simcha62 said...

You mean something like this?