Sunday, February 7, 2010

The NYTimes

There is a very interesting debate going on at the New York Times. Ethan Bronner is the Times' Jerusalem bureau chief. In my opinion he does an excellent job, from time to time annoying both sides of the conflict equally. A few weeks back I listened to his presentation at a Duke University conference on "Archaeology, Politics and the Media" (you can hear the audio by clicking on his talk at this link). Anyway, it appears that his son, 20 years old, decided to enlist in the IDF for 1.5 years. This has, of course, generated all sorts of repercussions.

On Saturday, Clark Hoyt, the Public Editor of the Post, called for Bronner to be reassigned. He claims that no matter how good and impartial a reporter Bronner is in reality, it's the appearance of bias that is the problem here. Bill Keller, the Executive Editor (the big boss), wrote a response on why he will not reassign Bronner. I am interested in watching where this story goes. Of course, the comments in the various articles on the issue are the most fun to read. I hope the don't move him, it will be interesting to see if the NYTimes can stand the pressure.

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