Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mosquito Love

Have you noticed that since I started up my studies again, I have become more predictable with my blogging. Any excuse to ignore the books. So how is this for 80%. For the last few weeks we have had a mosquito infestation here at #3. Every night we turn off the lights and a few seconds later I'm standing on the bed, squinting to get used to the light, squishing another bloody blood-sucker on the roof (I found that Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond makes a perfect mosquito flattening tool). Our ceiling looks like the windscreen of an 18 wheeler that's driven through one of those love-bug swarms in Houston. For two weeks now I have been looking for the poison to put in our "Sanomat" mosquito killing machine. I know, I know, the poison is probably killing us faster than the mosquitoes, but give me a break - I need to sleep - and that high pitched whine, it makes me crazy!!

We (bwo and I) have independently visited every SuperPharm and NewPharm in the Sharon region, and none of them have the deadly mosquito killing liquid refills in stock (good for 45 nights of untroubled sleep). Everywhere I went I got the same story. "It's winter, they only make them in summer and anyway there are no mosquitoes in winter". Well someone forgot to mention this to the mosquitoes. They think all the warm weather and water makes for a choice breeding climate. I can tell my the bumps all over my body. Finally yesterday, in the SuperPharm near squint central I uncovered two (dusty) refills, hidden last summer behind some tampons. I danced with glee over to the counter to pay the ridiculous non-discounted winter prices (25NIS each). The cashier looked at me when I handed over my card, "You don't need these surely", she said, "it's winter, there are no mosquitoes in winter".

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mart said...

No mossies in winter? Hah!!!!
The other night, I squished one (I found that the hard cover "cat in the hat" is the best in weight and size) that had like a pint of blood in it.
I guess the Israeli mosquitoes couldn't didn't / couldn't read the hand book that states not to come in the winter.