Sunday, February 7, 2010

Germ Free World

I am very distressed by something I have noticed that's on the increase recently. More and more people are becoming neurotically germaphobic. Especially here in Israel. I'm starting to believe that someone like me, who is unafraid to open a bathroom door without protecting my hands with a tissue, is becoming a shrinking minority. Not to mention that I will even eat an apple after washing it with plain water (no soap or special pesticide removing liquid required) or wear new clothes without first washing them. I have even been know to drink out of the same bottle as another person. The horror! What is it with all these people. People who walk around with anti-bacterial gel in the pockets (or purses) so they can disinfect their hands each hour. I even know someone who doesn't like eating in restaurants because there could be germs on the knives and forks (no kidding) and who knows, maybe the cook has a cold!

I'm happy to say none of these freaks would last five minutes in our house. We are quite normal here. Except that blackson and blackdaughter don't like touching dirty dishes, but that has more to do with laziness than germs (judging by their rooms).


samparadise said...

Can people not see that all this hand sanitizing is going to cause our defenses to get lazier and lazier until we eventually have to spend most of our time in sealed environments because we've lost our natural ability to combat germs?

John Deuel said...

Well, I don't know how Kilgard feels, but at least 75% of Team Lunchmeat is in agreement on this one.