Wednesday, February 17, 2010


O.K. So the government decided that Israel has a "declining international image", and so has utilized its secret weapon against the negative vibes - Israelis. I mean it. Check out this site: I'm afraid it's in Hebrew, but basically it tells you how to be a good ambassador for Israel overseas. The fake news clips are cute in their lame way. "Together we will will change the picture" is the slogan. I suppose it's cheaper than having an independent inquiry into the Goldstone Report.


mart said...

Debunk the myth that Israel is a desert?

It is a desert. The government denies this but that is why there is such bad water management.

mart said...
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mart said...

How about this one:

Myth: Israel is a religious country.

When they learn to seperate state from religion, then they can talk.

Damn, you got me going here.

mart said...

And I shouldn't post comments this early in the morning. Too many spelling mistakes.