Monday, January 18, 2010

TV License

In Israel you are still obliged to pay a TV license. Mine arrived in the post today. 390 NIS for the year. That's all very well and good, but none of us watch TV (except bdo, and I'm ready to chuck her TV as well). Now this is on top of the god knows how much we pay for cable that we don't watch. And there are commercial on basically every station. So what is this license fee for? I have no idea. Probably to pay for Ariel Atias' porno movies (He's the Minister of Telecommunications, from the religious Shas party, who wants to pass an Internet censorship act). The TV here is not even close to 80%.


Jozie said...

Write your own TV license in crayon and then cancel the cable. No one will even notice. Except the girl, but she needs to work on her math.

Haflo said...

well dont worry its fine .
you only get TV license bill once you get married , really, they are going through the "rabanut" lists to know who to bill ,
there is no connection what so ever if you actually own or use a TV .