Thursday, January 28, 2010


So for a while now (nearly 50 years) I have been wondering where those weird, alien like creatures that I sometimes see drifting in front of my eyes, come from. I remember laying on the grass at 35 Mill Park Road looking up in the sky and watching those strange round circles and spirally patterns move across my vision. I always thought I was the only person who could see them. (I suppose I never told anyone about them to protect my questionable sanity). Yesterday, after battling with a particularly persistent "floater" (I always call them floaters when chatting to myself) that seemed stuck in the center of my vision (left eye only) and that seemed to move off to the right when I looked at it, I finally decided to ask the internet.

So I googled "eye floaters". And believe it or not I found this. Seems I'm not alone. There's a rational scientific explanation as to where they come from and why they occur. They're even called "floaters" in the literature. It's slightly comforting to find out I'm not all alone, but I'm a little sad that they aren't aliens or spectral remnants of another dimension after all. Now all I have are the strange voices in my head.

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