Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caring for the Weak and Infirm

No archaeology today, yesterday was enough for the week, and although there is somewhere I really want check out next weekend will have to do. Just after lunch I got a call that a friend (Ravid) had bumped his head playing rugby and was at Ichilov hospital. Seeing as I'm proud to say we're the closest thing he has to family in the center of the country, I rushed off to baby sit him.

At the same time my wife is completely incapacitated having "put out her back". This happens way too often, but this time it seems worse than usual. She is completely immobilized and so we are all running up and down the stairs to cater to her every whim (all except bdo who is, of course, out). She is barely moving and takes about 20 minutes to get from the bed to the toilet. There is a lot of grunting in pain. All in all she is really suffering, poor thing. Now back to Ichilov.

It appears the lad bumped his head or got dehydrated or just needed to rest and he had a little pass out after his match (Jizreel, his team, beat Raanana quite handily). When I arrived at the emergency room, he was in good spirits and we had a fine time sitting and chatting while having a jolly good people watch. There is no where better in the world than a hospital emergency room for a good people watch. I swear there are people who come there just to spectate. We had panic attacks, bleeders, chest pains and vomiters, all taking in stride, all in a days work. They are actually quite efficient at Ichilov, and it only took about 6 hours for them to decide that there was nothing wrong with him, except that he plays rugby.

So it's been quite a day of caring for the infirm. Just call me blackpeternightingaleo.

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Jozie said...

thanks for looking after me blackflorenceo. Your attentiveness was gratefully appreciated. oh, and the soup you made was delicious. You will be happy to know that I am feeling a bit better, and it's only taking about 10 mins to get to the bathroom.