Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Class Lounge

A Purse by Jo

After all my travelling in the last year British Airways decided to upgrade me from the silver tier to the gold tier. Much of this is due to our excellent travel agent at work. Anyway, today I am off to Houston for the weekend then to California for two weeks of work. 

I tried to talk my way into an upgrade from peasant class when I checked in this morning, but, although they were very polite, they would have none of it. So I'm still stuck in cattle class, but I do have access to the first class lounge here in Terminal 5 in Heathrow. And what a lounge it is. Full on breakfast, including the ability to order "Cured kippers with poached egg" or "Great British breakfast sandwich with grilled back bacon and fried egg on a toasted wholemeal bloomer" (what's a bloomer anyway). Still, there's nothing really vegetarian on the menu besides hash browns (and eggs, which hold no interest to me). It's a very nice place with huge single access toilets and showers and lots of very comfy chairs. As the famous old ditty goes:
"It's the same the whole world over,
It's the poor what gets the blame,
It's the rich what gets the pleasure,
Isn't it a blooming shame?"

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Jozie said...

I believe that just posting one of my doodles is cheating bpo. Where's the blog post????