Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Day in Northern California

After a long and tiring week here in Folsom, I decided to stay put on the weekend. I woke up early yesterday (Sat) and headed out to the North Fork of the American River near Auburn. I went for a long walk along the nicely marked trail. I passed lots of runners and dog walkers,but man, it was sure chilly until I got into the sun (then it was hot). I hiked past the "Black Hole of Calcutta Falls", which was down to a mere trickle, what with the newly acknowledged drought. It was great to hike into nature, lots of bird song and gurgling river, but I missed my Roxy girl. They could sure do with some English rain here.

After getting back to the hotel, I did some washing, ate pizza and read. Later in the afternoon I decided to take in a movie. There is a movie theatre in the parking lot of the hotel, so I got to see the new Hobbit movie in "Real3D" (Gravity, the movie I really wanted to see was only showing later at night). It's a bit long, but very nice effects. All in all a very nice restful day. 

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