Thursday, January 16, 2014


Dusty by Jo
BWO started tangling "loved pets". Above is Dusty, sisteraria's cat in Houston. I think the result is excellent. So send her a good picture of your pet cat/dog/hamster/ostrich and she will tangle it for you (she may kill me for this). These could be worth a mint on Ebay one day.

While I understand its necessity, I usually don't pay a lot of attention to sleep. As I typically don't sleep a whole huge amount, and for me, it's usually just a matter of head hitting the pillow, and waking up refreshed. I'm not a great tosser and turner. Except with jet-lag, and as I have grown older, I have been having an increasingly difficult time of it. One thing that has helped is the bed in this hotel. I love the bed. It is so much better than the marshmallow bed we have at home. It's perfectly hard, but comfortably soft. At 2:30am when I jerk awake thinking I am ready to face the day, I can lay back and just melt into the comfort. I can dream about being home and mull over the events of days past and future. So when the squints want to know why I always choose this hotel and not one of the others that are closer to food and other comforts, I tell them that for me, it's all about the bed. Oh, and the shower. Which is not too bad either. 

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