Monday, April 1, 2013

Walking About

Today was Easter Monday and it's a "Bank Holiday" here in the UK. Which means it's a public holiday by anyone's standards. Most importantly I do not work. So I took the opportunity to continue exploring the Petersham, Ham and Richmond areas. This morning I set off bright and early (it was pretty cold) and walked from the Petersham gate to the Ham gate in Richmond park. It is a wonderful wild and green park and Roxy is going to love it (I believe it's best to avoid the deer, as they can be vicious). What is strange is that even though I passed a number of people on my walk, only a few said "morning" most avoided all eye contact completely - one old lady did smile at me and say that it was a lot less cold than yesterday. On my way back from Ham gate, I noticed on a number of "diverted traffic" signs, I was rather surprised to find out this is for the local toad migration - where they are moving to, I have no idea. I am not sure if the signs are prevent you running over migrating toads or migrating toad patrol volunteers. Either way the roads were closed.

This afternoon, I grovelled enough so I was relieved of another trip to the shops, so while bwo went one more time to TK Maxx (It's TK in this country), I set off to see how long it takes to get to downtown Richmond by foot. From Richmond station back home takes 34 minutes - but it is a very pleasant walk along the banks of the Thames. There were many people out on the streets today, despite the chilly weather.

Tomorrow is work and I get to experience just how long it takes to drive into work in Egham and then back in the evening. Then on Wednesday, the Roxy girl arrives. I hope she likes it here, she is surely going to miss the doggie summer camp at the kennels in Nof Yam.

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