Friday, April 5, 2013

Terminal 1 again

Here I sit once again in Heathrow Terminal 1 awaiting a 10:30pm flight to Tel Aviv. On one hand I am happy to be going to see the kids who I have missed terribly, but on the other I hate to leave bwo on her own for the next few days. We only just moved into the house on Petersham, Roxy only just arrive on Wednesday, our shipment (of which I have one of the twenty or so boxes) arrived this morning while I was at work, and I am tired. It's been a lot of early mornings with lots of varied transportation. Then busy days and back home to walk the dog and wife. So all in all I could do with a weekend, but it probably won't be much of one seeing as I am going to meet the boss and then spend time at work in Israel before flying back on Tuesday for some long days in the UK.

I did get to have my Pret, Moroccan Falaffel sandwich here in the terminal, so not all is bad. What will be completely strange is I am due to pick up a rental car at the airport in Tel Aviv, because I had to return the Prius once the relocation started. It will be interesting to see just how efficient Hertz is in Israel, here in the UK they rock and it takes just minutes to get your car. I suppose I will have to put on my 80% glasses again. At least it's a lot warmer in Israel at the moment.

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