Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Roxy has Landed

Yes the sign says "Fish Border Inspection Post" (but what does the 28 mean?). This is where we went today (actually next door) to pick up Roxy. She arrived in good spirits and was very happy to see us. She is currently sniffing every cornet of the house making herself at home. I took her for a short walk and I think she was a little shocked by the cold. She seems to have traveled well and is the same high energy girl we know and love.

There is a busy road outside our front door, and I am in constant worry that Roxy will run out into the street. We are going to be very careful with her in this house and make sure we keep the front door closed. There is a sort of double door to the outside - a place to keep coats? This should help.

Strangely enough when we arrived at the ARC (Animal Return Centre), some young chaps were waiting for us. They had filmed Roxy's removal from the plane and wanted to film our reunion with our girl. They work for "Animal Planet" and were filming a show called "Animal Airport". We will let you know if we ever make it to the big screen. A few days back a different film crew cornered bwo while we were shopping at HomeBase. They took some film of her answering some questions and said they will contact her if they want her for more. It's the big time here in Richmond.

I am just very happy our lovely girl is here and safe. She seems to have handled the flight very well (so far). Now she needs to learn to talk with an English accent.

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