Sunday, March 31, 2013

The House on Petersham

We are in our new place. After a bit of a mix up yesterday we got the keys. We were only supposed to move in next Tuesday, and had arranged with the real estate agent to meet on Saturday between 10-12 to unload some of our stuff.  So we packed the car to the gills and set off from Egham to Richmond. We arrived at the house at 10:30 and there was no sign of a living being. We waited around for a 1/2 hour in the cold (it actually started snowing), when finally bwo needed the bathroom so we set off for Richmond town. I then received an email from the agent, who had completed his check out of the house in 15 mins and had set off back home to Swindon (more than an hour away). No one told him we were expecting to come to the house.

I was pissed off.  He luckily understood just how unhappy I was and decided to come back and meet us. So instead of having to wait until Tuesday, he felt so bad he gave us the keys and let us move in on the spot.  Today (Easter Sunday) it took two more full car loads to bring all we had in Egham (mostly bwo's clothes) to the house.

There is much to say about this place.  It is as unique as my wife and has so many unusual aspects I will be blogging about it for the next year at least.  As bwo collapsed for a nap this afternoon, I took a walk down to the Thames. I got completely lost on the way back home and my hour walk turned out to be nearly twice as long. It's a wonderful area, with wild forests, green fields, quaint cottages, huge estates and the river walk (I started at Teddington Lock and ended up somewhere near Ham's polo grounds) is spectacular. I think I am going to like this area - if only the bed was not so lumpy.

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oliviao said...

Can't wait to come and visit and explore - sounds wonderful!