Thursday, April 4, 2013

Trains, Buses, Snow and Such

Bwo needed the car today and so I decided I would use public transport to get to work. I woke bright and early at 5:30 am, took the dog out (she is very good), got dressed warm and set out around 5:45. The number 65 bus comes right past the house, and the stop is a few hundred meters from the door. I should have realized I was going to have to wait when just as I left home a 65 bus roared past me. The sign at the bus stop said the next bus would be coming in 18 mins, then 6 mins, then 15 mins, then 9 mins, then back to 15mins (sort of like watching a file download). The bus did eventually arrive and we made our way to the station and another 25 minute wait.  Once the train arrived it only took 22 minutes to Egham and then another 22 minute walk from the station to work.  All in all an hour and a quarter trip.

But... now it's snowing heavily (everyone assures me that snow after Easter is very unusual, but these same people keep telling me the 22 minute walk to the station is actually 10 minutes, so I question their estimation accuracy). I will need to do the opposite journey in an hour or two, and am not really looking forward to this.

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