Monday, April 8, 2013

On the way back

It's time to leave Israel again. It was a very short stay. I arrived Saturday morning and am flying out Tuesday morning. I was busy running around the whole stay, but it was very good to see the kids and the Israeli squints. The house is still standing and the boy and his house-mates seem to have it together. I was most impressed to find one of the boys awake and making sandwiches at 4 am this morning, preparing his lunch for work. He left a few minutes after I did a 5 am. The girl's was home for all of my stay and she seems to be dominating the army and to really have things in gear. So far it seems there is little to worry about as far as they are concerned.

It was hot and dusty - a big difference from the snow I left in London. Bwo says the weather has improved, I will find out in a few hours. So in general, it's all good and I am looking forward to getting to the house on Petersham.

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