Monday, March 25, 2013

Nester the Nespresso

We set out in the snow on Saturday to do some buying for the new lodgings. You can just image how excited I was by all this. First stop was some sort of dreadful house goods store about 100 miles from home (at least that's what it felt like). There bwo selected all sorts of glasses, bedding and other "soft" goods - nothing interesting (that is nothing connected to a plug). We then made our way to Brent Cross Shopping Mall, which is much further in the car than on the map. We wandered around the electrical appliance section and there I fell in love with a Nespresso coffee maker.

Now the coffee here in general is not good (actually until we got an espresso machine here at Squint Central UK, it was basically swill). I miss my Lavazza machine daily. I like Nespresso coffee in general, and this little machine really called to me.  (I am ashamed to say I minged out and saved 15GBP by getting a cream coloured unit). We took Nester home and tested his coffee making abilities, which meet expectations. What is really cool is the "Aeroccino 3" that comes as part of the package. This little device heats and froths milk with a zen-like calm. You just pour in the cold milk, press the button on the side and watch as it silently whirs and heats - it then stops on it's own. Magic. It's almost enough to entice me to drink milk in my coffee. Nope - actually that will never happen.

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