Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Relo Day

Honestly, I don't even remember the last time I blogged. I have been collecting frequent flyer miles and eating plastic airline food for way too long (only Asian Vegetarian - the only special meal worth eating). But today is special. It's our official relocation day. Bwo and I are sitting in the lounge at BG airport (well I am, Bwo is off at the duty free doing some last minute shopping) waiting for our flight to Heathrow.  It has been a busy time, twice to the West Coast in three weeks, so far 11 flights between the UK and Israel.  Then work in both Egham and in Yakum. But in truth I am having a good time. It has been a little lonely in the UK without the family, but that will change today.  We have left our lovely kids behind, so there will be a lot of skyping, vibering and whatsapping.

The little apartment in Egham has become a second home, but we are patiently waiting for the first of April when we get the house on Petersham in Richmond.  On the 18th bso comes to visit, then around April 3rd, Roxy will arrive after spending some time at Peta and Yossi's summer camp for dogs.  It's over 30 degrees C here in Israel today, and it's below zero in London.  I know which I prefer and it's not this Sharav.

I am thoroughly sick of air travel and am looking forward to the next three weeks at home (or at temporary home) with bwo before I need to be back in Israel.  I have lots of uncomfortable travelling stories to tell you, but that can wait, right now all I want is to be back in the UK and more or less settled.

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oliviao said...

We had a wonderful stay at your house with the kids and you and Josie too!! Thanks so much for the hospitality and making us so welcome!! Always have such a good time with you!