Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Quiet Seder

We held our own intimate Seder in Egham last night, just bwo and I. Bwo outdid herself with an excellent meal and outstanding matzo ball soup. We started off with onion bhajis which worked perfectly with the surprisingly strong Colman's horseradish sauce (brought the required tears to ones eyes, as it was when we were slaves in Egypt). Then soup, followed by tofu and cheese patties, with roast potatoes and peas and corn (we are Sefardy on Pesach). And we spoke.

We talked of Pesachs past, when we were young, and how each year the Seder tradition marked the beginning of Spring. How in our Kosher home in PE when I was little there was next to nothing to eat or drink except Matzo and Strawberry jam. We spoke of our very missed, absent children and Bwo spent some time on Skype watching the family Seder in Raanana. Funny, I proclaimed after last year's mayhem and noise that it would be the last huge Seder we would host for a while, and indeed it was. I was afraid it would be a sad affair for bwo, away from her Goldsmiths, but it was warm and homely and peaceful. We did commit to doing something more social next year in Richmond.  All in all a special evening as it's supposed to be and probably a lot better than going to McDonalds.

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oliviao said...

Mayhem and noise here too last night - but I enjoyed it enough to do a repeat performance tonight!!Happy Pesach - we miss you...