Wednesday, March 27, 2013


For years I have sworn by my black Palladium (Scout) Commando boots. Everyone thinks I'm a little extreme in that I buy 6 to 8 pairs at a time. You see, they are often hard to find and so my shoe man on Ahuza knows to keep me informed when they are available. They meet all my needs, they are relatively inexpensive, not leather, comfortable and, of course, black. Only one problem - they lack insulation. They are definitely made for desert wear, not for the freezing wastelands of Egham, Surrey.

I have taken to walking into work in the morning and back in the evening. This leaves the car for bwo and her shopping (I secretly hope she will complete all her buying before the weekend, so I can be left in peace). It's been below freezing each morning around 6 am when I set out on the 23 minute walk. Now I have the clothing worked out, it's all about layers. But, by the time I get to work my feet are solid blocks of ice. On top of this the heating here at squint central UK is rather rubbish, and so I spend the day with cold feet. Not even two pairs of socks help.

I decided this must change and so invested in a pair of Clark's Gore-Tex lined boots. They cost the same as five pairs of Palladiums, but I reckon warmth of feet is important. They also (dare I confess) have some leather in the uppers, it's just impossible to find anything warm that is not in some part leather. This morning's walk was very pleasant, and at the moment I am feeling pleasantly warm in my new shoes. I will not abandon my Palladiums.  I have been assured that there are at least three warm days in Summer here in the UK.

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arnieo said...

Nice that you are posting again - welcome back