Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Winner Day

You know it's going to be a winner day when you come to your uncle's house and get told that you have to do the music blog. (In this family, the music blog is the hardest blog of them all.)

This video was passed around work a couple of weeks ago. I like it... I like the song, I like that the video takes place in my stomping grounds, I like that the thinga-ma-gig looks like something we could piece together with the flotsam and jetsam in the basement:

Then I saw this one by the same guy:

So after, I decided to use these videos, I went downstairs to work on my 2 guitars. There's the one that I'm ever so slowly building, and then there's the one that I play everyday. Well, everyday-player had an unfortunate run-in with the floor and, this being an unforgiving country, it got beat-up pretty badly. Blackpetero helped me with the repair and then helped me with the other guitar. I took another leap forward on that one today.

Building always makes me think of my guitar heroes and fast-ass bluegrass music:

Yee-haw people. Yee-haw.


Jozie said...

Flippin awesome Steve, I LOVE all three of those videos.

oliviao said...

Yaay, at last my kind of music - I love Yonder Mountain - introduced to me by who else butStevieB. Party pics were awesome - will lo0ok at the video when I get back from SA

blackpetero said...

Love to your mom Livia, wish her well from us here. Nice post StevieB I like the Sigur Ros video, it is nice to be able to recognize the setting.