Monday, May 3, 2010

Die Antwoord

I follow my South-African friends in LA through facebook. They are way more in touch with what is happening out there than I am. It sometimes feels like I'm stuck somewhere between the mesolithic and neolithic. Anyway I have been hearing more and more about "Die Antwoord" ("The Answer" in Afrikaans) and so I spent some time last week listening and reading. A strange bunch I must say, but very cool. Check out their website. It's quite something. This is the "official" video for "Enter The Ninja". There is some good stuff coming out of Africa (and not just the World Cup).


joch said...

Check this out:

It's not an exact copy, but the chorus theme, music, most words and the singer's voice are too similar to ignore. Let's call it "a tribute".

blackpetero said...

Totally true. It's clearly a "tribute" - I have to say I much prefer Die Antwoord's version.