Saturday, May 8, 2010

1 Foot in the Grave

If you judge a party on how long it takes to recover, this one was a killer. I am finally getting back on my feet. Yesterday I was a total wreck and could hardly move. Things I remember from the party.

  • Lots of people actually brought chips. Thanks, I now have enough chips to last me a good few months.
  • Most people wore black and those that did not felt bad. It made it hard to point people out though ("see that guy over there, the one in black!").
  • Rami does a mean speech as does cousin Avril.
  • It's matzeget not mishkefet, fool!
  • There were enough french fries.
  • Shirley can dance.
  • The squints can party.
  • The Hevreh are special and I'm very lucky to have them.
  • Bwo spent 3 hours (seriously) trapped in the nail place and thus could only go shower as the party started.
  • Two huge kegs of beer, but only one working tap. So much to blacknephewo's surprise and shock we ended the party with one full keg.
  • Just because I'm 50 does not mean I like music from the 50s. Luckily this was quickly fixed.
  • As with all good parties, someone had be carried out. This time it was on Ravid's shoulders.
  • Wisely, no one was thrown in the pool. Dana swam willingly.
  • Martin's onion soup was better.
  • For the first time in probably 30 years the four class of '77 in Israel, were together.
  • Jo's father probably drank more than anyone else.
  • Barry's house rules for parties.
  • I got really good presents. Especially the walking stick.
  • The gravestone cake with 50 candles was 100%. And Alona's chocolate and Viv's cheese cakes were consumed in seconds.
  • 200 chickens gave their right arms to party with us.
  • Thanks all of you. I'm a lucky, lucky bastard.

Brian and Irit's pictures can be seen here.
The "blackpetero hevreh video" Is now available on YouTube. Thanks again Brian and Irit and the hevreh (I like it with an H at the end).

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mart said...

What a party - Going into the second half of our century, we party better than we ever did before.
Thanks for letting us be a part of this.
Thanks for buying all right wings. Everyone knows that they are more tender than the left.
All black was a bit freaky at times. I grabbed the wrong butt a number of times. Inoccent mistake.
Thanks Barry and Kate.

blackpetero said...

I forgot to mention in the list that a number of people went to the house on HaNevel first only then realized the party was at Barry and Kate. A few people mistakenly popped into another party down the road, but all said ours was better.

blackpetero said...

Now that I'm sober, I had a chance to look at the video that the hevreh put together. It's really awesome. Thanks guys.