Sunday, May 16, 2010

We are the Minority

According to the new Central Bureau of Statistics annual social survey only 42% of Israelis over the age of 20 describe themselves as being secular. 25% claim to be "not very religious traditionalists" - whatever that means. I find this very disturbing indeed. I was always under the impression that us secularists were at least a slight majority. I am starting to feel lonely in this country of madmen. I have spent the last three months listening to lectures on the Old and the New Testament, and now more than ever cannot understand how anyone can take these books as being more than (often confused) myths of morality. The more I learn about the basis of the Judea-Christian religions the less sense it makes. So as this country (and world) become more religious, I move in the complete other direction.

The article goes on to say that over 90% of non-haredi Jewish men work as do over 80% of non-haredi women (this is versus 52% of haredi men and 61% of their women). The best news is that 88% of Jews are satisfied with their lives as are 82% of Arabs (satisfaction is highest amongst haredi men). On the other hand with those sort of satisfaction figures one has to wonder about the validity of this survey - they probably only surveyed people in mental institutions.

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