Sunday, May 9, 2010

War is Hell!

They say wars are usually fought in summer. Well we have an ongoing war that has been fought all year round. We have a cruel and capable opponent on our northern border and they take no prisoners. I'm talking about the hummus war with Lebanon. In January, 50 hummus chefs in Abu Gosh used a satellite dish to contain what was then the world's largest plate of hummus (according to the Guinness world records people) beating out a record set a few months earlier in Lebanon.

This weekend 300 Lebanese chefs make 10,452 KG of hummus pummeling the Israeli record of a mere 4 tons. This is real war. Lebanon is upset that Israel has "stolen" their national dish. Today they are trying to set the falafel record. These are the kind of wars I can live with. Read more about it here.

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