Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Lot.

I have been lusting after a new camera for a while. I wanted one of those spiffy Nikon SLRs that do HD as well as stills, but they are well out of my price range. I have noticed that carrying a big camera around is really a pain, and I often prefer to walk around with the little Fuji J10 in my pocket rather than the bulky Canon SX10 (is that a Fuji in your pocket or are you just...) I have been less than satisfied with the pictures from the SX10, it is probably me and not the camera, but none the less I want something better.

Then tonight I read about these tiny SLRs that are hitting the market. Just check out this Sony NEX-5 Alpha featured in this New York Times article. I think this may be the camera for me. Small and nimble but great in low light. Just the thing for a budding archaeologist. Now all I need is the cash.

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