Saturday, July 21, 2012

Roxi (Roxanne)

Roxi joined the family yesterday. She is very pretty and has her mother's (bwo's) eyes.  She has chewed through her leash, ate a hole in bso's jeans, peed on the floor a few times, but she is totally loved by all. She is relatively calm, except for when she has her berserks. Roxi is not yet used to walking on a leash, but is getting better and she does SIT when instructed (that's already better than the kids).

Being that she is supposed to be a Border Collie, used to herd sheep (just watch One Man and His Dog), she seems to want to round up the cats. They of course find this completely inappropriate and uncouth. I believe they are writing their congressman (it's probably Nancy) to voice their outrage at this intrusion. Roxi is still pretty scared of them, and mostly watches from a distance. The few times Nancy has decided to show who's the boss, Roxi retreats yelping and crying. She also has a total fear of metal gratings. There are a few on our walk and she refuses to cross them. Probably a trauma suffered early in life.

She is reputed to be three months old and was found in a dumpster in the industrial area by some friends of bwo's. They put up signs but no one claimed her and so were going to take her to the pound. This we could not let happen - the only dog I have ever wanted is a Border Collie, so it seems fated. Let's see how good she is at training us. We respond well to conditioning, just ask the cats (we don't even need treats).

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oliviao said...

Cute, but looks high maintenance!!