Thursday, July 12, 2012

End of an Era

Today was the final day at squint central, Hamenofim 1. I thought I would be much more unhappy at leaving the building we worked for the last 12 years, but the upkeep has gone to hell and the place is looking old and tired (like me). So moving to new facilities should be a change for the better. Perhaps. I was particularly pissed off today when I found out that some assclown had decided to make off with my excellent Henckels Pro 8" chef knife. This knife was used nearly daily to cut our salad. It was so good I refused to use it, preferring to not spoil myself and let the squints enjoy a "real" knife. Even though I am trying to not get so attached to things, this incident left a particularly bad taste in my mouth.

So on Sunday it's off to Yakum for the squints and I. A whole new page, a cafeteria and gym but no supermarket or health food shop downstairs. New traffic patterns to get used to and a multistory car park (with those stupid car elevators). Miles of cubes all shiny and beige smelling of fresh paint and carpet glue. I hope we find a good home there, as I hope the Henckels has.

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