Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back Home, and life goes on.

I'm back home. I am sad. The three weeks of archaeology went by in a flash. I had the most wonderful time and need to thank so may people, from Israel Finkelstein, to Mario and Melissa and many many others. I got to dig in the best square on the Tel and learned more than I believed possible.  My computers and programs seem to be working and things are running pretty smoothly technologically.  I will go back now once a week to help out and to make sure there are no problems with the tech stuff.  They promised me that come Monday I could dig out the big pithos jar I found in my square.

I have had a restful weekend but have a very black Saturday evening feeling. I am not really looking forward to dealing with the more than 500 emails I need to sort out tomorrow.  Our move to Yakum has been postponed by a week so at least I have a week to say goodbye to the old office. It will be hard to explain to the squints just how different my life has been the last few weeks.

Life goes on.  I have had a tough time adjusting to being home, but it is nice to sleep in my own bed and shower in our shower.  I am seriously hooked.

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