Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Call

A conversation in Hebrew this morning.
me: Hello.
him: Can I speak to Sharon.
me: Sorry, you must have the wrong number, there is no Sharon here.
him: I definitely dialed the right number.
me: Sorry, but you must be mistaken.
him: But, I know I dialed the correct number. I dialed 054-XXX 6962.
me: My number is 054-XXX 9696.
him: But my phone says that I dialed the correct number.
me: Look, there is no Sharon here, and I know what my number is, it ends in 9696
him: Are you sure you are not Sharon
me: Pretty sure.
him: (voice filled with skepticism) Sorry, I will try again.

????????? Gotta love Israel.

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