Friday, January 27, 2012


There is a lot to be said for hot soup on a cold and rainy Friday morning. My first wife (I risk bwo's wrath here, but if it was good for my father, then "the first wife" moniker will just have to do) made an awesome "grain soup".  I am afraid to ask what is in it, but whatever these so-called "grains" were (you see, I don't like pea or bean soup, and the may well be a lot of peas in this here delicacy) they made a delicious, thickish, hot soup.

Of course, the soup almonds (they are such an important part of Israeli life that not only can you buy them at the duty free in the airport, but they have their own wikipedia page) make all the difference. Also, another idiosyncrasy of my dad's, the soup needs to be nuclear hot and basically inedible for a while, and so it is important to add the soup almonds at exactly the right instant so they don't get too soggy but retain a slight crunch throughout the soup eating experience.

It's the simple things.

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simcha62 said...

Sometimes I understand EXACTLY why you and lonskie are such good friends.