Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chef Edition Tapuchips

I must say, I was surprised by the above effort to surpass the 80%. Firstly, as a well known lover of chips, I was impressed with the "Chef's Edition" Tapuchips, as designed by the famous chip chef "Ayal Shani" (I've never heard of him myself). The "Onion Jam and Balsamic Vinegar" (I think onion jam is actually onion chutney) flavor is quite pleasing to the palette, and the crunch is wholesome. Certainly a passable attempt at trying to reach first-world chip status.

But, the stunning things about these chips is the yellow label.  I translate "Special Price Reduction: Short expiration date" and then the price reduction from 4.99NIS to 2.99NIS. They actually expire on 31 Jan 2012, in 4 days - plenty time for a chip lover. The whole concept of NOTING something will expire soon, and then REDUCING the price, is revolutionary here. It goes so contrary to the central tenant of retail life here in Israel - "Shitat HaMatzliach" (loosely translated as The System That Works, there is probably a better translation out there). This is where an attempt is made to knowingly unload some junk on you hoping you will not complain (or notice). The question remains, is this just a freakish occurrence (and heads will roll for messing with success) or is it a trend?  I promise to investigate and report back.

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