Monday, December 5, 2011


I am tired, tired, tired. Since I got back home from Spain and Poland I have not had time to relax and to "take a load off" as they say.  I have found that I am starting to drift in and out mid sentence when people are talking to me and sometimes I have to burn a lot of brain rubber to remember what they said by the time they get to the end of a sentence.  Hopefully this is just tiredness and not Alzheimer's. Tonight I am going to have an early night.  I will have some dinner and a shower and be in bed by 9pm (that's the plan at least).

Ooops, my eyes just closed for a bit with my fingers on the keyboard and I ended up with about 100 l's. This is not good. 

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Georg said...

Hi Eighty,

Before starting to dig deeper for the reasons triggering this tiredness, just go to bed early as many times as you feel tired in the evening.

Having done so for a week, surch further. Could be the GTovernment.