Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another Year

This time of the year always gets me down.  For some reason I always miss the US and my family.  I miss the feeling of Christmas, even though I don't celebrate it.  I miss the lights on the houses, the kitschy Christmas decorations, even the horrible Christmas muzak that plays everywhere. I miss the Christmas specials on TV (that I never watch anyway, although I do like "It's a Wonderful Life").

It is also around this time that my dad passed away and I miss my family.  Tonight is the fifth candle of Hanukah, it's his yotsiet.  That may have something to do with this pensive mood. At least it's raining, that always makes me feel better.

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oliviao said...

Miss you too! What about all the kitchy Hannukah decorations and celebrations?? Instead of Yigdal last night, we had a rendition of Chanukah favorites!!It was actually quite nostalgic...