Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Forgotten Pictures

Last Night I plugged my iphone in to charge from my windows laptop. it asked me if I wanted to look at the pictures I had on the phone. Now I don't remember ever having looked at the pictures, even though from time to very remote time I snap something with my phone when I have no camera (which usually lives in my bag). It's quite an interesting set of pictures from July 2010 onward. Here are a few (none of them are particularly good:

This is the view from the lobby of our accountant's office in Tel Aviv. I can't remember exactly why we were there, but it usually meant bad news.
Sometime in Aug 2010, bdo and I traveled up north to go visit some fool of a "not-boyfriend" of hers that was stuck at some army base for his birthday.  The good news was this humus. Oh and the fact that he is very muchan "ex not-boyfriend".
Every time I go to the airport I am always amazed at the amount of balloons (note these are mainly the expensive mylar kind). Surely people realize that the best thing about a balloon for a young kid are the few seconds of bliss and wonder watching it fly away, before the realization that it's now gone forever and the screaming starts.
My girl and the GraphTech monster that now works for a large chip company.
A few (really, these are just a few) of bwo's ebay iPhone accessory purchases. She assured me none cost more than 99c.
Holland. The girl loved her rented bicycle.  This little hut was in the woods near our chalet.  We found a Swastika graffitied inside the door.
Terrible picture, wonderful concert.  Arcade Fire at the Greek Theater Berkeley - thanks blackedwino.
Todd and Suzanne's spectacular house in Pennsylvania. It's perfect in every way.

A nice walk through the last two years.

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