Saturday, December 28, 2013


Roxy by Jo
The thing about bwo is that she tends to get hyper-focused. Lately I am happy to say, she has been pretty much single-mindedly zentangling. This is some sort of, what she calls, "therapeutic doodling". She is, of course, brilliant at it. She pretty much spends a few hours (sometimes more than a few) each day on these, what she calls, "trivial pieces". Well, I think they are great. And so, I will post one each day. Zentangles. Google it if you want to know more. She has had the whole family doing them, from young to old. Hers are still the best. That's Roxy in case you did not know.

I'm feeling a lot better, by the way. Even took Roxy for two walks, as it was a beautiful day here with sunny blue skies. I am drinking a lot of water and so can't stray far from a bathroom. Hopefully, this, like all else, too will pass.