Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Fallen Tree

We have had some atrocious weather here in the UK lately, although today was quite beautiful, but cold. As my brother said "someone has broken the weather:. In the high winds we had this week, a tree in our garden blew down. It fell across the path to the "ecoden", and made a general mess of things. Now we need to figure out what to do. Call to the landlady and now to find some people to cut it up and take it away. There are many trees down in the area, including some huge oaks in the fields near the river. Roxy is not in the least impressed with it all and sniffs around them in disgust. It is really wet and boggy everywhere and wellies are necessary for even the shortest walk in the fields.

We spent a quiet Christmas bwo, Roxy and I, reading watching Netflix and eating too much. Bwo has been furiously zentangling (more on this some other time). All in all a lovely few days. We are actually entertaining some people tomorrow night. We have been slack at this. In our past moves we were always quick to invite people over and to make friends, but here it has not seemed necessary. We are happy in our quiet lives. We have had many visitors, family and friends. I walk a lot. Read a lot and work is always there.

I promised someone very dear to me who is having some medical issues that I would think of them each time I blog. If I had to blog each time I thought of them, I would quickly run out of what to say. Get well, OK! 

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