Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Slow Sunday

Three Trees by Jo
Today we took it easy (for a change, right). Usually we go somewhere on the weekends. It's often somewhere pretty where I can walk Roxy and bwo can have tea. But bwo's back is feeling a little fragile and with the amount of liquids I am drinking it's not good to be too far away from a toilet. So I walked Roxy in the area and watched football and Netflix. I am currently into foreign movies (bwo hates them because she can't tangle and read subtitles at the same time). I saw two Japanese movies today. One stupid Samurai story, the other called "Departures" was strange, sort of kitsch but moving. It's all about the Japanese encoffinning ceremony, where professional undertakers prepare and dress the bodies of the dead. If you have Netflix and are interested in something quite different, try it, I liked it. Sort of a Japanese Hevrah Kedish movie - it's better than it sounds.

It was another beautiful, sunny but freezing, day. There was deep frost on the ground this morning, and the puddles were actually completely iced over on our walk. Roxy slipped and slid, but man, does she love the cold weather. Tail up, head in the air, she pranced and paraded, dragging sticks and chasing squirrels. It was a fine time to be out.

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