Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day Three

I am having a great time. Very busy and very tired. Today I came back to the kibbutz and was so exhausted I could not do anything but collapse on my bed. I slept for less than an hour and was able to function well the rest of the day.  Here is a picture of me with a professor (Finkelstein) on my back.

It is a wonderful experience, something that is hard to explain. Harder work than you can imagine, lots of young people around, but all intelligent and willing to learn.  It is very nice to feel wanted and to be able to do something that makes a difference, the software I wrote is in daily use.  It's 9:30pm and I'm sitting here in my kibbutz room. It's rather sparse, but functional. I share with two guys and it has been quite easy. They are friendly, considerate and easy to get on with. You should try it one day.

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יובל דרורי said...

I do it at least once a year, it is called miluim...