Monday, June 18, 2012

25 years

Today it has been 25 years since I married the beautiful bwo. You know, I have been enormously lucky in my life.  I lucked out with my family, with friends, with a job, pastimes, studies, on and on and on, but the single biggest luck was 25 years back. We had know each other for many years, and even though the future seemed set in stone, until that evening at Gan Oranim nothing was clear. Over the years we have had our ups and downs, we are very different people, but even through the hardest times we have laughed with each other and never stopped liking each other.

It was strange to wake up this morning at 4:05am in my room with two other guys and not next to my lovely wife of 25 years. We texted our wishes, and then she drove up all the way to the kibbutz to be with (dirty and dusty) me for a few hours. I truly lucked out. I love you bwo, forever and for always.


Ed said...

Happy anniversary man. I still remember the wedding, with Grandpa Ben doing his drunk Russian dance. I wore an ugly ass shirt.

Love to all,
CA nephew and fam

oliviao said...

Mazeltov what a wonderful day at Gan Oranim - I wore a b and w dress with a huge bow - dressed the boys in red - what was I thinking - very 80's!!Wish you guys lots an dlots more happy anniversaries. Love you both

Greta said...

Your words of love brought forth tears- I'm quite vaklempt! Lv