Friday, March 9, 2012


Purim. It's hard not to like it. The whole Jewish Halloween thing is very pleasant. This year I noticed more than ever that young girls use Purim as an excuse to dress up like sluts and streetwalkers. There must be some hidden urge that, when given permission, young ladies like to dress with less. I realize that according to the Purim legend, Queen Ester sold her "physical favors" in order to get something in return. She enticed the Persian king with some sort of provocative dance routine, wearing probably very little in the way of covering. So I suppose historically, the young girls of this kingdom are doing Ester justice by wearing very short dresses and high heels, all the better with fishnet stockings.

Not that I mind really. A few days back, while walking around Herzliya at lunch we came across a gaggle of schoolgirls outfitted in the shortest of dresses and battling to walk in their high heels. Their faces were caked in makeup, their hair piled on top of their heads as they stumbled along in their primary colored tiny dresses. Don't their parents care what they look like, I thought to myself. Then I got home to find a tricked out "supergirl" in short-shorts and fishnets, wearing Russian transvestite knee high, high heeled boots on her way to "The Downing" for a Purim party. (She was actually dressing down). So, who am I to talk?

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