Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Good Listen

I have spent much of the week driving around the country, to Kiryat Gat, to Haifa back and forth. The weather has been stormy with some high winds which tend to blow the poor Prius all over the road (it's especially bad when overtaking buses or lorries, as you emerge from their shadow, the car is thrown to the side by the wind). All the week I have been listening to Christopher Hitchens' "God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything".

It makes a riveting listen.  He reads the book himself and his wonderful use of language is as spellbinding as his message.  I highly recommend this for the less faint at heart. It has certainly got me thinking. I now understand more than ever our boy's deep connection to atheism. Blacksono pointed me to some of Hitchens' YouTube arguments. I will post those I think worth watching. 

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oliviao said...

Just bought "Arguably" on Audible. Hope its as good. Am reading "The Hare with Amber Eyes" by De Waal - wonderful book...non-fiction, I really recommend it.