Monday, March 19, 2012

2 Days to go

In just two days time our little girl goes to the army. Bwo took her out shopping for the items on her list (like for summer camp) and they came home with a huge backpack full of stuff, which I am sure will all be stolen before she even arrives at her base.  It hard to actually believe it is finally going to happen. She has been getting steadily more nervous as the day draws closer, but she is a strong one and I am sure she will land on her feet.  I am not so sure about her mother though.  I got an emotional call today" "Our baby's going to the army. What are we going to do?" I suppose we will just be like other parents and just deal with it.

One good thing is that she has not been working this week and so my lovely daughter has been cooking for her dad. This I will most definitely miss!

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