Monday, March 5, 2012

High Fashion

So Azizza bleached (economica'ed here in Israel) my socks. Why? They were next to the sink in the bathroom and when she went all medieval with the bleach my poor socks were caught in the crossfire. Blackwifeo claims it's because I left my socks on the left hand side below the sink and "how was Azziza to know?" Well for 11.5 years I have been placing my socks below the sink on the left hand side. Every three or four days I remove these socks from the left hand side below the sink and place them in my mesh sock bag (so they will remain safe, separated from the rest of the washing - but that's another story). I have only been doing this for 11.5 years. But, yesterday Azziza failed to notice the BLACK socks next to the WHITE sink and bleached them!

Life is tough here on the very edge of civilization.

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Anonymous said...

life "socks" doesn't it luv !!!
av- happy purim.