Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Story of a Shower Head

Let's talk shower heads, shall we.  The reason I left home last Saturday and braved the crowds at ACE in Shvayim was because we needed a new shower head. (It seems ACE in Shvayim is the place to bring your snotty, spotted, sticky children to climb on the merchandise, now that IKEA at Poleg burned down). Our old shower head was rubbish. The water here is so hard and the avnit (limescale) so virulent that no shower head lasts more than six months in this house. Bwo bought the last one and it was way to fancy, with three settings. I don't think it lasted three months. The wife and I pondered the various shower heads on display, they ranged from 29NIS (on sale) to over 200. I was all for getting the cheapest and simplest with no fancy features like Bahaman Massage or Thai Needles. No, I wanted a simple single function shower head. One that simply sprays water on the person below.

I was shocked awed when bwo agreed (after she had spent ten times longer than I could bear looking over and handling every single one of the shower heads). I was expecting a real battle to fight off the sixty-three function head that does everything and even makes pizza. But as I told you, we were getting on at the moment and she agreed that less is more. So we ended up with two of the very cheapest shower heads (29NIS on sale). 

As soon as we got home I installed one on the shower in our on-suite bathroom. Hmmmm, I thought, looks rather small and the beam of water coming out seems quite focused.  It turns out that this particular shower head (and the other we bought) was specifically made for a hand shower. You know the kind, they are attached to the taps in that thing called a bath that I have not used for 38 years.  So I was worried that in my frugality, I had shown a serious lack of judgement. There was no chance in hell that I was ever going back to ACE.  Not in this lifetime. So I decided to give it a try. Wowza!

The water fires out at a tremendous clip. The beam is so focused that it feels like it will penetrate right through your skin. It is more like shock treatment than showering. I love it. The head is similar to the picture above, except for the LED illuminated ring (I had to include this picture, how can one live without a green LED illuminated shower head? - it also comes in red). One interesting observation is the fact that the stream of water from our shower head does not increase in diameter once it has left the head. No, it barrels straight down and fires off your body, ricocheting with a very satisfying sound against the glass shower doors.
It is the little things in life that make it worth living.

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