Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have been pretty lax with the blog of late.  I know I should have told you about the new fridge and the fact that the old one still has pole position in the lounge. Or the girl leaving all her money in London and having to live on 50 Euros for four days in Amsterdam.  I should have told you about the new Prius and how shiny and black it is along with its plastic new car smell.  I could have told you about the upcoming trip to Barcelona for 10 days for "strategic planning and leadership training", followed by a few days in Poland, or about the (lack of) progress towards getting my MA thesis done.  I should have let you all know how much I love my new Kindle and my young wife.  Or why there are so many mosquitoes around or how Azziza has broken every single whiskey glass in the house (including the really nice crystal ones). Perhaps you would have been interested in the nightmarish trip, along with the rest of Israel, to ACE at Shevayim on Saturday, or how much I look forward to Tuesdays when I go to class at the university. I know know I should have explained all about how saying "banana" has saved our marriage and how good it is the the boy is actually doing his homework for college.  Maybe it would have been a good idea to tell you all about the 15 or so new cats we have hanging around and how Jeffery (she could be a girl) is the cutest of the lot. I should have subjected you to my views on the crisis with Iran or how the ridiculous it appears to me that the Histadrut is striking to raise the lot of the "temporary" work, a role they themselves created. Or the rain, the juicy oranges, the rice I had for dinner, or the Snickers the wife bought me and then ate herself, or the roads and sanitation, evolution, stress, driving into the same parking lot morning after morning after morning.

But you know what.  I won't.  So there.


Greta said...

And I could tell that my life is not complete without your daily blog, but I wont!

Jozie said...

Awesome :-)
I have so much to say, I don't even know how to start.-Ok. "Banana"